This program is designed to familiarize children with the experience and the processes of looking at art. 

It is designed to de-mystify fine art of all kinds and establish a connection with them to people all over the world. Exposure to art encourages familiarity, stimulates expression, prevents intimidation, and connects each child directly to other times, other cultures and broadens their ability to exercise abstract thought. This introduction to art  program provides a foundation for a lifetime of enrichment. 

Art teaches. Art communicates. Art has humor, adventure and passion. Art matters! People are the only living creatures who make art. It is a uniquely human activity, and the sole reason we have an advanced civilization.  We use visual images to communicate with one another as a species. Art transcends language, different cultures, time and distance. It keeps us connected to one another. It keeps us human.

Mona Lisa  - Version 2

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, 1517