ARTMATTERS is an ART AWARENESS PROGRAM designed to keep individuals connected to the world and encourage a loving relationship with the visual arts. Artwork describes shared feelings, tells stories, re-enacts events, and imparts magic and power. Thousands of years of history can be made real by a
single painting. 

It is also fun, entertaining, and inspiring. ARTMATTERS is good for People.

You don’t have to know anything to look at and connect with art. All art is subjective. There is no right or wrong and no good or bad. There is only your opinion. Our brains are “hot-wired” to be able to look at marks on a flat surface, organize those marks, and see images in 3 dimensions. It is our baseline form of communication as a species. We are the only creature on the planet that makes art as a means of communication and it is why we are so successful. Looking at art connects us to one another as individuals. You don’t have to speak the same language, live in the same part of the world, have the same culture, religion or even live in the same era. Art connects us as Humans.

The ARTMATTERS Adult Program is designed to enage older adult populations with stimulating, informative, and entertaining presentations on a sinlge artist, style or period of art. Only oversized prints are used and can be viewed up close and personally. Unlike when using PowerPoint or slides, the lights can stay on so everyone stays awake and engaged. All of the images are arranged and displayed together so they can be enjoyed and compared for the entire length of the presentation. These large fineart reproductions can also be held individual by individuals who may suffer from some vision impairment.

AVAILABLE SUBJECTS                                                                                               PROGRAM COSTS