“Art Matters is a favorite program at the JF&CS Memory Café.  Jane weaves together information about the social and historical context of the art work, and fascinating biographical notes about the artist, with sensory details and engaging questions.  Our guests include people with mild cognitive impairment, people with advanced dementia, care partners, and college students, and she holds us all in rapt attention!” 

          - Beth Soltzberg, Manager, Alzheimer’s/Related Disorders Family Support Program, JF&CS

“We’ve been hosting ArtMatters presentations regularly at the Acton Council on Aging/Senior Center for many years. The subject matter, the use of high quality prints and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the presenters combine for a wonderful, feel-good experience for our seniors. Sometimes learning about art can be a bit intimidating for people, but the ArtMatters staff make it so accessible, interesting and entertaining, so that people truly enjoy learning something new or revisiting something from the past. I’ve heard many times when we are on a group outing to an art museum: ‘Oh, I learned about that painting/artist from ArtMatters,’ which makes people feel really great!”

          - Chris Chirokas, Program Coordinator, Acton Council on Aging

“Our residents look foward to your monthly visit with us, along with the always changing monthly gallery of art you provide. It is a learning experience for all, even the well-established resident painters we have here at The Commons! Thank you for making art so enjoyable!”

          - Annie MacIntyre, Program Director at The Commons in Lincoln

“It has been my pleasure as a Life Guidance Director at Traditions of Dedham to be able to utilize the ArtMatters - Living with Art program into my monthly calendar. We have been enjoying the Living with Art program every month for the past 2 years… Even though the residents may have very different levels of dementia, they are all interested in the discussion. The presenter has a way of getting even the quietest of my residents to comfortably respond… I would highly recommend the ArtMatters Living With Art Program to any of my colleagues and will continue to enjoy the responses from my own residents and their family members.” 

          - Mary Lou McCormack, LPN at Traditions of Dedham

“ArtMatters has been coming to the Jenks Senior Center in Winchester for many years and has never repeated a program.  Their audiences are always enthusiastic because of [the presenter’s] lively presentations and the fact that the artist’s work is on display during the whole program and available for a close-up  look at the end of the program.  Everyone loves Art Matters and Jane Blair especially. We learn about each artist, his/her life as well as his/her work, and look forward eagerly to ArtMatters next visit.” 

          - Connie Stolow, Winchester Seniors Association

“I can justify the price becuase of the consistent quality, the unique product that it is and for the value of an art education class right within our own home! It is a program that draws a very large and much anticipated crowd at our residence which is not always easy to do.” 

          - Cheryl Young, Rivercourt Residences

“I told [Cathy] I’ll be holding her voice in my head every time I visit a museum.” 

          - Phyllis Brooks, Friends of the Cary Memorial Library

“The crowd you got for the art lecture last week was amazing — I counted 150 people. Nick had to keep bringing out more chairs — and I have no idea where all those people parked. Thanks for all you do to create a wonderful education program for the Jenks.”

          - Erica Drazen, Chair of the Board of the Winchester Seniors Association

“I have come to look foward to the presentations and discussions offered by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable educators who comprise ArtMatters. The audience is always engaged in sharing observations and information in a ‘give and take’ interaction. These presentations offered by the folks of ArtMatters have opened my eyes and made me more appreciative of art.”

          - Judity Munroe, Acton Council on Aging, article published in the Acton Beacon