I would like to announce the start of a new program from ARTMATTERS called THE GALLERY 

This new program is designed to offer the benefits of our common language; visual images, to your residents with a revolving display of fine art reproductions mounted in a designated communal place. It is intended as an enhancement and should not interfere with our regular ARTMATTERS program. 

THE GALLERY would bring that interaction to your facility continually, with a revolving exhibition of 4-8 fine art reproductions, displayed in a designated place that would be replaced every 2 weeks with a new show. The art would be themed, and display a self-guided informational sheet next to each of the large prints. The guide would include information about the artist and the painting, and would also pose questions and strategies that could be easily accessed by your residents, family, friends, or staff, or anyone wanting to engage a resident in conversation. 

The changing gallery would assure regular and anticipated interest in the activity. 


There are two options to choose from:
Revolving gallery once a month
Revolving gallery every 2 months

As a revolving attraction to all residents, THE GALLERY might offer a built-in, stimulating activity for the residents and their guests, as well as a program which Marketing may benefit from, and be willing to co-sponsor. Please contact the office (508)660-8689 for specific prices.


Not much room would be needed. If there is a private dining room it can become dual purposed. A wall or corner alcove in a common area can be utilized, or even down a well-traveled hall. 

The prints will be mounted, but not framed, so they will remain light enough to use sticky tabs to mount them. The walls will not be harmed and the prints will be easily removable. We will endeavor to mount them in a beautiful fashion, with an accompanying title poster presenting the ARTMATTERS GALLERY and the theme of each collection, which would change with the art, and an individual print information/question page.